Cheap Tricks: Bath Time for Pets

I must've bathed dogs thousands of times. My dogs and other people's dogs. I don't even look at it as work. It's just something that has to get done.

I'm short so most of the time my breasts ended up plastered against the tub. It could be torture depending on the size of the dog (or cat), plus I always ended up drenched.

Since I was already soaked, I usually dashed off to the shower to clean up, and that's when it occurred to me that it would be easier to wash the dogs there too.

I prefer to wash the dogs in my shower. It's smaller, and they seem less agitated in a confined space with me. We also have a huge walk-in shower where we used to wash extra large dogs like Tanky. He'd go anywhere if it meant he was getting a massage out of it. With cats or small dogs I usually bathed them in the laundry room sink. It's ample enough for a small creature and easy with a spray nozzle.

Is pet washing a big chore for you? Are your pets easy to bathe or do they fight the suds?


betty said…
That's a good idea with taking the dogs into the shower with you. I hadn't thought of that. We used to give the dog a bath and never had to worry about cutting his toenails because he got walked a lot and ground them down that way, but when he got older and was walking less, we started taking him to the groomer for them to do his nails (it was something we could never get the hang of doing).

Maria Zannini said…
Betty: I try to make toe nail cutting fun when they're babies, or at least get them used to me touching their paws and pulling on them.

Still, some dogs won't have it, especially if you've ever struck blood. In that case, I get some help holding him down while I trim only the tips. Sometimes it takes several passes but when they realize they survived, they're not quite as ready to bolt.
Jenny Schwartz said…
There's a gizmo (don't ask me what it's really called) that can be screwed onto the laundry tap and then a regular garden hose attached. Voila! Warm water and the dog washed in the freedom of the back lawn. One of the world's better inventions :)
Maria Zannini said…
Jenny: I've had to use the hose on especially stinky dogs in the past, and it was a flying circus. They simply do not take well to being bathed outside.

It's probably because they're not used to it. There's security in a nice enclosed place, I suppose.

I'm glad there's a device like that though. I hate to see people wash their dogs in cold water.