Cheap Tricks: Magic Eraser Substitute

I have to admit, Magic Eraser works. When I read what it was, I dug deeper and discovered it was nothing more than melamine foam. This is the stuff they use in big sheets for insulation and sound proofing. Here the Wiki link on melamine.

It didn't take long for other vendors to undersell Magic Eraser by a huge margin.

Yet the generics are way cheaper.

Obviously, I know which one I'll be buying next. And this includes FREE shipping.

To buy, click any of the pictures.

It took me a long time to try Magic Eraser, but I'm hooked on it now. Although they wear out quickly, they do the job of cleaning beautifully without any odor or residue. Have you ever tried it?


Judy Thomas said…
Loved Magic Eraser... just ordered the box of 100. Thanks for the heads up!
Maria Zannini said…
Judy: I had no idea Magic Eraser was nothing but melamine foam. I bought a bunch of Magic Eraser when it went on clearance once, and then I would only use them when absolutely necessary since I wanted to make them last as long as possible.
I've never heard of it. What do you use it for?
Maria Zannini said…
Marlene: Oh, my gosh. There are hundreds of uses. The foam acts like a super, super fine sandpaper. It works best with a little water in most instances, but I've used it dry plenty of times.

I use it on stainless steel, glass, wood, and tile. Great on baseboards and scuff marks. My favorite use is on baked on grease gunk inside the stove glass. The foam wears out quickly, and it takes elbow grease, but no need for toxic chemicals.

I found this list of uses on the net.
I'll have to try them, thanks!
Mason Canyon said…
I didn't think they would work at first either. Now, I love them and usually grab for them when there's a stain I don't think will come clean (and it does). I especially like how they clean the tub and sinks. Now I won't worry so much about using them. Thanks!

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Maria Zannini said…
Mason: There's been a chore I've been putting the bottoms of my fry pans. I've tried various methods in the past without much success, but I'm wondering if the Magic Eraser might work.
JackieBCentralTexas said…
Maria those little wonders are almost rarely used by myself for the same reason as everyone else, the fact they are soooo expensive and give out so quickly but have to admit they really do the job when it is needed the most.

A pack of 100 in our house would probably go a few years without being used up so thanks for sharing your find and sometime when I am really in the mood to order things besides books from Amazon it has been wish listed to remember what to get. Plus have around 3 of the originals brand new to use first so no hurry right now.
Maria Zannini said…
Jackie: I think they wear out too fast, especially for the price, so I was glad to see the box of 100.
betty said…
I haven't tried them, but the house cleaning service that cleaned our rental before we moved down to Phoenix "swore" by them. Whenever she saw this or that in the house that needed to be taken care of, the words out of her mouth were "Magic Eraser will take care of it." Must have worked because we got back our full deposit minus a little repair we definitely were guilty of.

Maria Zannini said…
Betty: It was a professional house cleaner who first told me about them too. I tried them and they work!

I didn't buy them often because they were expensive, but now that I found the generic brand, I won't be so miserly with using them now.
Bob said…
Please do not buy cheap Chinese knock-off sponges. They have been tested and may contain high levels of bad chemicals. Here in the U.S. you can buy sponges identical to the material in the Magic Eraser - safe - for as little as $0.29 per sponge with free shipping.