How to Clean A Toilet

Nobody likes to clean the toilet. Nobody.

If you do, there's something genetically wrong with you. I have a sister like this so I'm not judging. I just want you to get professional help.

The best advice for cleaning the toilet is to do it regularly. I used to start with that fizzy stuff and let it sit, but I've found cleaners with hydrogen peroxide do a better job. I like the Lysol brand.

Call me weird, but I like to wipe the seat and the porcelain rim with alcohol. I've heard professional housekeepers use cheap vodka. I suppose that's the same idea, except you can still drink the vodka after your shift.

Once the bowl and the outside porcelain is clean, I flush to see what's left. Even with regular maintenance sometimes there are tough stains that refuse to budge. This is when I bring out my bestest friend when it comes to scrubbing.

I use Pumie Scouring Stick. It's a block of pumice stone and it is the very BEST thing to use on hard water mineral deposits, scale, and the yucky stuff.

Pumie also comes with a handle, but I'm not scared to get up close and personal if it means I can get into tighter corners where a handle won't bend.

I'll use the generic cleaners for everyday stains and deposits, but for the tough stuff, pumice stone has never failed me. Just be sure it's wet before you start scrubbing.

If you want to go organic with cleaners, here's a link to a tutorial to make your own toilet bowl cleaner bombs. These look surprisingly easy.

Want something even easier? Toss in a couple of denture cleaner tablets. No one in my house wears dentures, but the next time I find some at a garage sale, I might just pick them up.

One last tip: If you'd like to find out who's missing the bowl, shine a black light around your bathroom. It'll pick up all the spots where...ahem...the boys have hit.


Mike Keyton said…
Well, that was an uplifting post, Maria! You've got me all fired up. I think the vodka did it.
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I try to reach out to the housekeeper and drinker alike. Many times they're one in the same. :)
Angela Brown said…
I haven't ever considered using a pumice stone for cleaning. But it makes sense. Thanks KS for the tip!
Stacy McKitrick said…
Pumice stone, huh? I'll have to look for it during my next trip to the store (provided I remember!).
Lynn said…
We get awful hard water stains because of the well, so I'll definitely be checking out the pumice stick.

My mother is like your sister; the first thing she does when she visits anyone is to check how clean their bathroom is. I'm lucky in that my guy actually cleans our bathrooms -- voluntarily. He took it on as his share of the housework, and I absolutely let him. :)
Maria Zannini said…
Angela: I use it so often I always buy it in multiples.
Maria Zannini said…
Stacy: I once found it at Walmart, but they're surprisingly hard to find. They had it all the way at the bottom with only a tiny amount of shelf space. I had to get on my knees to pull it out.
Maria Zannini said…
Lynn: It is great for hard water deposits. It's actually the only thing that's worked for me. It still requires a little elbow grease though.

re: your guy
He's a keeper! I finally got Greg to clean his own bathroom so all I have to take care of are the other two.
betty said…
I just read your comment about Greg cleaning his own bathroom and you take care of the other two. You are outnumbered with bathrooms in your house :) I can get by with smaller square footage in a house, but 2 bathrooms at the minimum are a requirement. You outdid yourself with three :)

I clean the bathrooms every week. The toilet is somewhat sparkly, maybe I'll have to take some of your advice to make it a bit more, but it looks relatively good, doesn't smell too bad (smells refreshing most of the time) so its good here :)

Maria Zannini said…
Betty: You must not have hard water where you live. The deposits are a bear to get off.

re: bathrooms
Except for our first apartment, we've always had a minimum of two bathrooms. Men have a tendency to camp out and I don't have all day.
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