iRobot Roomba Review

A year and a half ago I took the plunge and bought the Roomba 880. It was pricey and I was hesitant to pay that much for a vacuum cleaner, but I can honestly tell you that for us it's been terrific.

This is what I said about it then.

It vacuums under beds and most furniture so no more moving the heavy stuff for me. It vacuums every day like clockwork and docks itself when it's done. Many times I'll move it to other rooms that I keep closed off so it works two and three times in one day. I never think about vacuuming anymore. It's automatic.

I love it and heartily recommend it.

Now for the hard facts.

• My Roomba is scuffed and a little beat up from getting caught under the sofa without a way to get out. No biggie. I simply put a barrier there so it can go around it.

• My house is primarily hardwood floors and tile with a few scattered area rugs here and there. I don't think the Roomba is as effective on high pile rugs, but it picks up fine on everything else.

• The thin rubber gasket that seals the dust bin to the machine started to detach a year after I bought it. I went to the Roomba web site hoping to buy a replacement gasket, but they didn't sell the gasket by itself. I'd have to buy the entire bin component. (Pricey.) I contacted their Customer Service and asked if they would sell me the gasket alone.

The rep was extremely helpful. She asked for ID numbers and if I had sent in the registration form. (Of course I hadn't! LOL.) She asked me where I had bought it and if I could send her a picture of  my receipt. That I did have.

Apparently, my warranty had been expired by ONE week, but she was going to pretend we had gone back in time so my machine was still under warranty. She sent me the entire bin component, complete with a new filter.

This more than anything has elevated Roomba to repeat buys. Any company that goes through that much trouble to help out a customer is aces with me.

My Big Tip for Roombas

If you want to keep your Roomba in top working condition, my number one tip is to change out your filter regularly. If you find that your vacuum isn't picking up as much debris as usual, it probably means your filter is clogged.

My second tip is to keep the wheels and rollers clean.

Iko sheds twice as much as any normal Earth dog. I swear he sheds year round, or it seems like it anyway. That fine, wispy fur wraps around every moving part on the Roomba. As long as I keep the hair from accumulating, I have no trouble.

TIP: About your filter
Don't feel you have to toss your filters away after every use. Although they're relatively cheap, if you thoroughly wash and dry it before using it, you can reuse that filter several times.

Bottom line: This was one of my better investments. Dust and dog fur is way, way down. Allergies are down too. My house stays cleaner with very little effort on my part. Vacuuming has always been one of my least favorite jobs so this was perfect for me.

I would definitely buy the Roomba again.

And good news, the Roomba 880 has gone down over a hundred dollars since I bought mine. I suppose if I ever had to buy another one I could go with the latest model, but honestly, the 880 has been superb. Maintenance is minimal and customer service is long as you fill out the registration form. :)

What you're least favorite household chore? Would you ever buy a Roomba?






Thanks so much for this review, Maria! We've been thinking of getting one and this helps move the decision forward. We have mostly hardwood floors, and I find they get dusty more than anything else - tortoises don't shed! :) - but no one in this household enjoys vacuuming.
Maria Zannini said…
Madeline: The dogs track in a LOT of dust from their dog run. Hand to heart my house stays clean now. It's a huge time savings for me.
Jenny Schwartz said…
Good customer service is gold! and just as rare LOL
lv2trnscrb said…
Great review and what excellent customer service! Since we don't have a pet any more, I just have to vacuum once a week (unlike 3 times a week previously). Our present vacuum still works great so I probably wouldn't want to investigate in anything else at this point in time. I like to vacuum, I know exactly how long each room should take and am done well within the time "assigned" to do so. I'm not fond of folding laundry or unstacking the dishwasher :)

Maria Zannini said…
Jenny: It goes to show you too, that we've been so accustomed to bad customer service that when you come across good customer service it's a novelty.
Maria Zannini said…
Betty: I don't mind the dishwasher, but I don't like folding clothes either. Sadly, they have yet to invent robots to fold clothes or clean toilets. :(
Michael Keyton said…
We have a fifteen year old Dyson still going strong. But what you say about filters is crucial.We found out the hard way and after some google searching :)
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I love my Dyson, but I love not vacuuming more. :)