Get It For Free

Looking for FREE? If you know where to look, there are plenty of places to get your Freegan on.

Craigslist, of course. Check under the Free tab.

Freecycle.  These work best in larger cities. Around me it's almost nonexistent.

• The library.  It has more than just books. I've been in some that even lets you borrow artwork.

• Party Swag. You have to host a 'party' to get the goods for free. My niece did this and she walked away with a huge stash of canning supplies. She got so much she shared it with family. The site she used was House Party.

• Free Fitness.  I haven't tried, but they seem legit.

• Free Knowledge Nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels. This site offers links to free courses that teach 48 languages, online lectures, free e-books and more.

• Free Samples

Grocery store loyalty cards. I use Kroger. Every Friday they offer one free item, plus they also send me coupons in the mail for products I regularly buy. I'm sure they make money on this marketing ploy by bringing people in to their stores. I know I've actually bought items they've offered for free because it turned out we liked them. Everybody wins there.

I will leave you with one tip I use whenever I visit any site that might send me unwanted email. I have a throwaway account on Yahoo. I use it whenever I give my email out to any untested web site, forum, or blog. If they turn out to be spammers, there's no harm done. They can't damage my email box because I never keep anything confidential there.

Actually, I've found very little spamming anymore. I don't know if email sites have gotten smarter or my security software is better. Either way, I'm grateful.

Have you ever tried Craigslist or Freecycle? Have you had trouble with email spammers recently?


LD Masterson said…
Interesting. I hadn't heard of most of these. I have to be careful because I'm a sucker for free stuff and I'm trying to get rid of things I don't actually need rather than add to them, but samples and coupons always come in handy. Thanks for the links.
Jenny Schwartz said…
The Self Reliance Challenge sounds great. I was brought up on the "mend and make do" mantra.
Angela Brown said…
I tried Craigslist once. Not the most pleasant experience since the seller was someone who was selling the item (TV stand) for a decently low price, was relectant to do a public meet and exchange because he was just selling it to get rid of it and didn't want it anymore since he was getting a bigger new one, didn't have a truck to do the exchange but was willing to borrow a truck to take the stand to Goodwill if I didn't show up at a specific time.
This was my first time trying Craigslist.
Might be my last.

Some of the other things you mention here sound like interesting tips to check out. Thank you.
Maria Zannini said…
Linda: I occasionally take on a free class if it's a topic I'd like. I don't try too many free samples unless it's something where there's truly a need. For example, I don't need any more chocolate. I want it, but I don't need it. LOL!
Maria Zannini said…
Jenny: I think you'll enjoy it. I'm always checking out other homesteaders to see how they do things. We learn from each other.
Maria Zannini said…
Angela: You know, I only ever picked up one free thing from Craigslist. I was nervous though because it was in an unfamiliar town. Greg and I were living 300 miles apart at the time so I phoned him and told him where I'd be and promised to call him as soon as I was done.

It was a screen door still in the box. The man was nice and even helped me load it in the car.

More often, I use Craigslist to sell things. If I want to give something away I either put it on the curb or take it to a charity.
Michael Keyton said…
Freeby hunting is limited to gearing my shopping to whatever supermarket 20% off vouchers come in through the post. To my shame, my library attendance has diminished since the 'Kindle Daily Deal' has given me more 99p books than I'll ever have time to read. And as for Spam, our BT/Yahoo directs all of it into a spam folder which I religiously read every day to check nothing legit has slipped in. I am awash with Sexy Russians, need Asian women urgently seeking my attention, erectile dysfunction cures and bitcoin adverts.
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I'm afraid if people get stuck in my spam folder, I'd never know it because I almost never check it. Life is short and spam makes me angry.
lv2trnscrb said…
All great resources for getting things free. I've put things on Craigslist to give away free but have never gotten anything free from them (mainly because I'm not looking for anything LOL). I have noticed an increase in spam email lately, almost 50 new emails in my spam folder on a daily basis. Pain you know where to delete them all.

Maria Zannini said…
Betty: I've often wondered if there's a season for spammers. They seem to ebb and flow. I'll go months without an incident and then, bam, I'm bombarded.