Beat The Heat with Insulated Tumblers

It's summer. It's hot. And nothing beats these insulated tumblers for keeping drinks cold (or hot).

This is a Maria-approved product.

Insulated tumblers have been around for a while but in the early days, most of them were a waste of money. They hadn't perfected the insulation factor until they double-walled the stainless steel and made it leak-proof.

The Yeti brand was the first reliable tumbler, but as the Millennials say, it was stupid-expensive. I generally don't speak Millennial, but in this instance they got it absolutely right. Yeti is too expensive for normal people.

And guess what? Other companies can duplicate this tumbler for a fraction of the price.

We have several tumblers. Mine, his, his, and his. Himself needs liquid refreshment wherever he goes.

We first learned about these containers from the carpenter who remodeled our kitchen cabinets. He'd come in with a tumbler full of ice, and that ice would still be solid by the time he left--sometimes after 12 hours at our house. He claims (and we've verified) that ice will remain for up to 24 hours.

If you like to stay hydrated--and you should--I highly recommend these tumblers. Nothing beats them for keeping drinks cold, or hot as you prefer.

I honestly haven't found a big difference between the more generic brands. A couple I bought because of the price, another was bought for the color, and yet another because it had some accessories. (Click on the pictures for more info.)

I buy them for gifts! They're especially nice for people who work or play outside.

I won't share a tumbler with Greg because he often flavors his water with Mio or other flavor enhancers. For this reason, I bought one in black so we'll never confuse our containers.

One other nice feature is that you can buy them with handles and metal or hard plastic straws. (They even make wine tumblers!) You'll like the metal straws. They're easy to clean and sterilize because they also include a brush.

I'm a lifelong Coke Zero addict, but I have been drinking far more water in recent years. This tumbler is why.

Oh, and before I forget, this is the other thing I like. I didn't think we'd have much use for it, but we refill our tumblers often from this insulated jug. It comes in 64 ounces and gallon size. Like the tumblers, it's made of stainless steel and BP free.

Are you a water drinker, or do you prefer flavored drinks?


Jackie said…
My personal preference used to be glass bottled Original Coke Maria but then changed to Dr Pepper for my daily caffeine fix. Now just drink water almost exclusively for health reasons (OAB).

No longer drink caffeine, slowed down on amount of Milk or Sprite and Dr Pepper/Coke or Root Beer is not even on my radar at all!

Karl has several Tumblers including an expensive Yeti one but they do not see use anymore as we all drink room temperature bottled water daily instead of cold water.

Not green we know but our rural tap water has too many chemicals used to treat it and even the cat cannot drink it anymore.
Great idea - I normally just keep two water bottles in the fridge and drink them on a break. So humid right now I don't remember it being like this last summer. I may have to look into one of these for those days I venture outdoors.
Maria Zannini said…
Jackie: I would hate to give up Coke all together. I prefer water when it's very hot or when I'm fighting a cold.

It's a shame that you can't even trust rural water anymore. My sister faced that problem too and had to resort to bottled water.
Maria Zannini said…
Carole: I don't put a lot of ice in mine, but I do like the water cool. We used to keep a liter container of water in the fridge at all times, but with the tumblers we can free up valuable refrigerator space for leftovers. :D

I didn't think I'd use mine a lot but I really do.
Betty said…
Good review; I'll have to look for these. I'm a water drinker but lately I've been putting lemon in it at times, very refreshing :)

Maria Zannini said…
Betty: Greg likes his with lemon too. They say it's better for you too.