Surprise Your Valentine

I like to make an extra effort for Valentine's Day. I don't usually buy gifts, but sometimes I do if there's something he wants.

Usually, I do something special like cook a gourmet meal or take him out for a movie. Our No-Spend Month will be over by Valentine's Day so I can do something nice knowing our expenses have been way down all of January.

My favorite gift has always been flowers. I love them! But it's an ephemeral gift so I asked Greg to stop giving me flowers years ago. I'd be equally happy with a plant that will live a lot longer than cut flowers.

Greg likes gadgets and toys so if I buy him something (and no, I'm not telling since he reads this blog) I'll get him a little something just to let him know he's my Valentine.

As I was perusing Amazon I found a few trinkets you might consider for your significant other.


da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

I thought this was pretty cool. If your mate is a problem solver, this might be right up his/her alley.


Coloring Books and Pens

This is an inexpensive gift that offers hours of enjoyment.

Treat yourselves to an old fashioned picnic. The wicker baskets are more nostalgic, but these new backpacks are better at keeping food fresh. Even if all you do is throw a blanket out on the living room floor, it'll be fun.

I have this one. We like to take it with us when we're on a long drive. It gives us all the utensils and proper plates for a real sit down meal while we're on the road. If you take a lot of road trips I recommend these. A sentimental gift that's also practical.

If you're an old fashioned sentimentalist, you can still give flowers too. Or chocolate

If you'd like to do something that doesn't require any money here are some ideas:

• Wash and clean his/her car inside and out.

• If you're not the chief cook in the house, offer to make dinner for your Valentine.

• Give each other a full body massage.

• Make Valentine cookies with the kids.

• Put love notes in his or her lunch bag.

• Take a bubble bath together.

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts 36ct

I was very sorry to hear that Sweethearts, those little conversation candy hearts will not be available this year. They've been selling Sweethearts for 153 years, but last year, the company, Necco abruptly closed down and said they were selling. Someone bought them in September 2018, but it wasn't enough time to make the candy in time for Valentine's Day. According to sources, they should have stock for Valentine's Day in 2020.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your favorite Valentine?


Love the pic at the top of this post!

We don't usually give gifts for Valentine's Day, but we do exchange cards, and we usually spend the day together and do something fun, anything from taking a day trip to curling up and binge-watching a great show and having take-out.
lynnviehl said…
Nice no-cost suggestions, pal. Writing a love letter or making a list of all the things you love about your SO is also a nice gift. I came up with 100 reasons I love my guy one year, and he still pulls out that list to show family.

These days my guy and I usually just exchange cards like Madeline does. On another night we'll go out to dinner (we never dine out on Valentine's Day because of the crowds.) This year we're going to our favorite place for German food. We don't often get there so it's a nice treat.
Maria Zannini said…
re: ...curling up and binge-watching a great show and having take-out.

That's my favorite kind of date night. :)
Maria Zannini said…
Lynn: We're with you on going out on Valentine's Day. It's madness. I'd much rather go on another day when the crowds have dissipated.

re: ...he still pulls out that list to show family.
That sounds like State's evidence. :D I know that's how Greg would use it.

Back when I used to fix his work lunch I'd sometimes slip in a love note. It can brighten even the hardest day.
Those are some great suggestions. I hope you and your honey have a most wonderful Valentine's Day :-)

Valentine's has been that hit or miss day for me, especially since my birthday is the day before. I'll see what the kiddo and I will do this year. Hmmm...
mariazannini said…
Angela: Happy early birthday!

It's hard when you're born near or on a holiday. I have a few friends born on or near Christmas and they kind of get cheated in the gift department. :D

My mother always got us involved as kids. We'd bake or do crafts, depending on how old we were at the time. It makes for nice memories.