The Spiritual Side of Found Money

Once, while waiting in a parking lot for Greg, I saw a guy pull out a handful of coins and rummage through his change. I thought he was looking for exact change when I saw him casually turn the palm of his hand and release the superfluous coinage. I'm sure my mouth dropped open.

It was as if the change was a nuisance and he was decluttering his pocket. He then proceeded to lock his car and go into the store. Our car was directly in front of his so I could see the whole scene unfold. I waited a few moments trying to figure out why anyone would toss out actual money.

It must happen often. We find change on the ground all the time, but this was the first time I'd ever seen someone in the act. I got out of the car and picked up the unwanted coins. I don't remember how much it was but it was probably close to a dollar.

Does anyone else remember this rhyme?

See a penny, pick it up.
All day long you'll have good luck.

I can't say I ever got good luck picking up pennies, but it makes me feel good. There's even a spiritual side to finding pennies. Supposedly, it's the spirit world letting you know they're thinking of you. I like that thought too. Often people find coins on their loved one's grave stones. ...a message from them to let you know they are well.

I've lost track of how many people who have told me that they've found pennies, dimes, and quarters on the graves of their loved ones. It's really kind of freaky.

All I know is that on some level it makes me feel lucky. I can't even tell you why. It just does.

And if you want to hear something even freakier, I thought I saw our beloved, old Tank in the back seat of our car. We had stopped for kolaches and the car was parked in front of a reflective pane of glass. Greg and I were talking when I saw a familiar rottie head poking up from the back seat.

We had just gotten into the car and we happened to be the only vehicle in the lot. I kept staring at the glass, my brain disbelieving what I was seeing.

Having gone through things like this before, sometimes these images disappear if they think they've been spotted, so I kept staring at the big, old head, squarely behind and between our two front seats.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and I looked back quickly. Nothing was there. When I looked back at the pane of glass, Tank's reflection had disappeared too. I was brokenhearted. Tank loved to go for rides, especially if he thought there might be a doughnut involved. :)

It was better than finding a pocketful of change. I think Tanky still visits us from time to time.

Do you pick up change you find on the ground? Do you think your departed pets ever come back to visit you?


Love this post, Maria! Especially the part about Tank. :)

I never heard that about finding coins being a sign the spiritual world is thinking of you. Is that finding coins anywhere, like in parking lots, or just on gravestones?

We always pick up coins. Hey, it's free money and those coins can add up! :)
mariazannini said…
Madeline: Not the coins in parking lots, but if you find coins in familiar or significant places, like your bedroom nightstand or the kitchen counter--places where you wouldn't normally find coins. But mostly on headstones. My sister told me a story about visiting her husband's grave and finding (and needing) exact change for a meter--something she didn't have on her. Knowing her husband, it was exactly the kind of thing he would do.
Angela Brown said…
Sounds like that was Tank just stopping by to remind you he loves you much :-)

I pick up pennies when I see them. Every one can get you to a dollar. I haven't heard about putting coins on graves though I've seen TV shows where they place coins over the eyes of the deceased. I've often wondered about that.
Maria Zannini said…

re: Tank just stopping by to remind you he loves you much
I wish that more than anything.

re: coins on eyes
That's payment to the ferryman for when he takes you to the other side. Though there's a more practical reason too. Before morticians, the body's muscles relaxed (after rigor mortis) and the eyes sometimes stayed open. The weights of the coins were used to keep them closed.
Stacy McKitrick said…
I always pick up money I find on the ground! Well, unless I spot the money in the crosswalk of a busy street. I do have SOME sense! :D
Lisa L Lombardo said…
I wonder about people who throw away change...there are so many places that have donation boxes for your change...why not put unwanted change there? Silly!

I do pick up change, even pennies. On our walk the other day I saw a penny and bent down to pick it up when I realized that the garbage truck had leaked goo all over the road in that spot. I decided not to pick it up afterall, but it pained me to leave it there!
Maria Zannini said…
Stacy: I'm usually walking too fast at a crosswalk to notice money.
Maria Zannini said…
Lisa: Exactly. There are plenty of places to donate change.

Your dumpster story reminded me about some change that had been left in the car's cup holder. Some Coke must've spilled and the coins were sticky. I took out cup holder and all and washed it in hot water. Had to be done anyway so I might as well wash the change too.
Michael Keyton said…
Always pick up coins, even with my creaking hips. That was great news about Tank. Go with your gut
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: Those coins add up.

It's always good to see Tank. :)