Prepping For Thanksgiving


In the US, it's Thanksgiving week. If you're making turkey, that frozen bird should be defrosting in the fridge by now so it's ready for roasting by Thursday.

There's a lot to be thankful for this year, but there's also a lot of fear and uncertainty for the future. My heart goes out to those in British Columbia Canada. There's hardly been any press in the US about the massive flooding there, but I have a couple of blogger friends who have kept me informed.

Shelves are empty and people are trapped. I hope their government steps in to help. A lot of people are on their own.

Here at home, shelves continue to empty out quickly, but meat and turkeys are plentiful if not expensive. We usually have guests for Thanksgiving, but we'll go one more year in near isolation.

We've been car shopping, but the selection has been skeletal and the prices astronomical. We had planned to buy a new truck last year but we kept putting it off. We might have to pay for that lapse of judgement now.

But back to Thanksgiving. I can't say that we're hale and hearty, but we're managing. Both Nana and Odin have developed a skin condition. I think they're caused by different things. Nana was in worse shape, so we treated her first. That was $300 with a discount. I was going to take Odin next but I think it'll have to be Jammy, the cat. I'm afraid he has a hernia (on top of the heart murmur he already has). I'm not sure what that'll cost me. 

I'm a little gun shy when it comes to the holidays. We have a tendency to lose our pets between Thanksgiving and New Year's--mostly from old age, but sometimes more tragic reasons. For that reason I'm keeping an especially close eye on our kids.

Thanksgiving is Greg's favorite holiday so I pull out all the stops. This year it'll be fried turkey, Lighthouse potatoes, green peas, Brussels sprouts, sausage dressing, and croissants. For dessert I'm making (sugar free) pumpkin pie for Greg and apple fritter bread. The bread is a test run. If it's easy to make and tastes good, I'll make some for the neighbors for Christmas. Here is the recipe I'm using for the apple fritter bread.

It'll be my first time making Lighthouse potatoes too. Here is the recipe I'm going to use. It's a little more decadent than most potato dishes, but they say it freezes well, so I'm going to try it.

This week is all about getting ready for the big day. Since we're not expecting company, I won't super clean, but I will make sure the house is tidy and ready for a lot of cooking.

Are you cooking for guests over the holidays? Do you ever try new recipes or do you stick with the traditional?

Wherever you are, I wish you all the best. We could all use the break, don't you think?

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Lynn said…
Instead of making pie this year I'm going to have old-fashioned cream puffs for dessert. I found a coconut milk-based whipped cream I can use, and the recipe is very low sugar, so it works for me, too.

It's just me and my guy, and our first Thanksgiving alone in 32 years, so I'm mostly trying to keep it simple. We'll be having pole beans from our garden with dinner, which is another first (never had anything we grew ourselves.)

Your ears will be burning on Thursday as I give thanks for you, pal. Hope the pets get better and you guys have a wonderful, peaceful day.
Maria Zannini said…
Lynn: Back at you,hon. I so wish we lived closer to each other. Imagine the trouble we'd accomplish. LOL!

Greg and I spent many holidays apart. Now that we're retired, I can start counting how many we'll spend together.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mike Keyton said…
Wishing the both of you a very happy Thanksgiving - but go easy on the Lighthouse potatoes!

Mike and Bernadette
Maria Zannini said…
Thanks, Mike. I had to trade Lighthouse potatoes for scalloped since I needed the cream for fettuccine later this week.

It was a terrific meal though. One of our best turkeys yet.