Suiting up for a Spring Siege (of Chores)


With all this talk of omicron we decided to make one big shopping trip, get supplies, then stay put for a while.

To be honest, it’s not that we’re worried about the latest mutation, but there’s no point in getting sick either, especially at our age.

Anyway. It’s cold. We have work to do in the house. It was a perfect time to buy some goodies and isolate for a while.

I have absolutely no more room in my freezers. I bought a lot of fish, bagels, cream cheese, and as many fresh veggies as I could fit in my fridge.  I’ve been on a Mediterranean kick lately and I’ve been doing a lot of recipes with olive oil, lemons, chickpeas, lamb, and fish.

We’ve been having mini freezes overnight here and there. Not horrible weather, just inconvenient. I managed to harvest the last of my broccoli, but my Brussels sprouts didn’t have enough time. They’re still alive but I don’t know if they’ll make it. We continue to have overnight mini freezes.

I cleaned out my asparagus bed. I’ll top it with some compost on our next nice day. Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll start getting fresh spears.

Any perishable plants in pots are indoors under a grow light. My peppers are still producing, but my tomatoes look dormant.  Last night I started seeds under grow lights too. March 15th through the 21st are my usual dates to start putting seedlings in the ground so I have two months to get ready.

We’ve been remodeling a bathroom of late. The new floor is in. Now we’re waiting on quotes for the new shower door and a half wall. I want a frameless glass enclosure this time so we’re farming that job out.

Greg did the floor which saved us a ton of money. We were going to have it done, but when Greg heard the quotes he insisted on doing it himself. I think he did a really nice job.

After the shower I want to replace some molding in various places around the house where Odin left his teething marks “artwork” when he was a puppy. I tried several times to sand, putty, and repaint it, but he just went at it again and made it worse. It has to be replaced.

Lastly, it appears this blog is not moving. I tried every which way to redirect links to my old Blogspot blog but nothing worked. I think I know why, but I'm too tired to find a work-around.

I guess I’ll keep paying for this domain.

What’s new with you? Any plans for this year? 

PS   I put a new masthead on this blog. New chicks with a bad-ass mojo going on. What do you think?



Dru Ann said…
I like the new masthead

Nothing new on my end. I have four trips planned this year and I hope to take me all.
Maria Zannini said…
Dru: That's a lot of trips for one year. Good on you!
Mike Keyton said…
A poor compensation prize for our failed trip to America, but we’ve just bought an American fridge freezer with just enough money left over to stock it 😀. Like you, we’re bedding in and waiting for spring. Daffodils already poking through the ground — and yes, a suitably punk banner, Maria
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: It doesn't look like that trip will happen any time soon.

re: fridge/freezer
I wonder if you guys had trouble finding appliances in stock. I was told many new appliances are hard to find, or take a long time to arrive because manufacturers are so short on the chips that make them run.

For a while (in the US) it was nearly impossible to find freezers, but that had more to do with supply and demand. Many more people were stocking up in 2021. Freezers got snapped up fast.