Come On, August!

I feel if I can put July in my rear view mirror maybe things can get back to normal.

In the first place it's hot--very hot. This is not particularly abnormal for my part of Texas. Some years are worse than others. This is one of the bad ones. We've had triple digits for two months with no signs of slowing. 

I learned the hard way that I need to bring the quail indoors once the temps go above 102. Despite keeping a fan running 24/7 and fresh water daily, five out of seven died on the same day. It didn't help that I was distracted by Odin and Greg.

My days have been busier since Greg's knee surgery. He's doing great and is walking without his cane if he's on level ground. In the early days, I was running around from one task to another, so I'm glad he's more self sufficient again.

Odin has risen to become my biggest concern. His eye injury has not improved. We do surgery on him Monday. I don't know the vet doing the surgery. He's very experienced, but an old fella, so I hope his hands are steady.

My regular vet doesn't feel comfortable doing this surgery since she's done so few. But she has traded surgeries with this vet so we can get Odin in today. 

We were hoping to get Odin in to see an eye specialist, but he becomes a maniac when anyone tries to examine his eye, let alone sedate him. I hold him and keep him distracted while my regular vet gives him a shot in the butt to sedate him. Most clinics will not allow the owner to hold the dog. Most owners are too lax in their control. I am not. I know what I'm dealing with.

If you think holding down a young, 130 lb, muscular rottweiler is hard, you'd be right. I'm very grateful to have a vet who will work with me, let alone trust me not to get her bitten.

Please send good thoughts and prayers for Odin. Pray for his surgery vet to have steady hands too.

Nana, the border collie has me worried too. I think her problems are all age related but she's next on my list to assess once this surgery is over. 

I cannot for the life of me get weight off her. She's due a teeth cleaning so I'm going to opt for an additional blood panel to see if she has any other underlying problems that are keeping her heavy.

Part of her problem is her stifles. Although she had Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery early in her life, she never regained the mobility of a regular dog. She's got a plate in both stifles. She doesn't limp, but she gets tired.

I've taken it on myself to walk both dogs extensively for exercise. She'll tire out within 10 minutes and lie down. Come to think of it, she's a lot like Greg. 😁


In other news, has anyone seen the PSA video from the NYC Emergency Management Department? It's a 90 second PSA on what to do if NYC faces a nuclear attack.

The mayor says it's for educational purposes but it almost sounds as if they heard something on the down-low. 

All I know is if war comes, the last place I want to be is NYC. I love you, NY, but you've got a giant bull's eye painted on you. Every idiot wants to take you out, and not in a good way.

Since the New York mayor made me more nervous than the PSA did, I decided to buy some extra pet food this week.

While shopping, I was annoyed at all the people I saw at a nearby small city over the weekend. The city in question has about 45,000 people. Apparently all of them were out on Saturday, not counting those of us from the outlying areas.

It's becoming noticeable that more people are moving out to the sticks. Lots of new housing going up where farms and pastures used to lie. It's kind of sad. I understand why they're coming out here, I'm just not happy they're snapping up all the open spaces.

How is it out by you? Are you seeing any new, perplexing PSAs lately? Are you stocking up on anything?


PS. For those of you who only read me from my subscriber page, we had one extra post that went live on an unscheduled day. Here it is if you missed it.


Dru Ann said…
keeping everyone in my good thoughts and prayers
Angela Brown said…
🙏🏽 for Odin and a successful procedure with steady healing and recovery.

🙏🏽 for Nana just cause she's quite the personality but I know she has the most awesome parents to care for her.

Glad to hear your Honey is doing better day by day and 🙏🏽 for his continued improvement.

I have very little appreciation for the Devil's extended stay here in Texas. He takes "bring the heat" to undesired levels. I don't know if most people moving out to the sticks realize what all that entails.

I watch/read/listen to very little news so a friend told me about the PSA. My reaction was to check my current pantry stock so I can build up on non perishables and identify howuch I need to fill my freezer. I try to do both of those on a regular basis so this was just a reminder to hop on it sooner. I will say that looking at that PSA made me wonder what pre-apocolyptic movie did we get shoved into. Geez!

I am also 🙏🏽 for you Maria. You are doing a lot and I hope and pray daily that you do well while giving yourself the self-care to pour into others as you do.
Maria Zannini said…
Angela: It almost feels like we're in a movie, doesn't it? First covid, shortages, inflation, monkey pox, recession, and now a shoving match between countries. What's next?

It'd sound like a B movie if I didn't know it was happening in real life.
nightsmusic said…
Absolutely praying for Odin. Poor baby. Misunderstood, you too, but so glad your vet gets it about you holding him for the sedation. Do you ever watch Dr Pol? They have some great sedation techniques, but they always let the parents in if it's the best way. I like a vet that does that. Ours does. She's good people. As far as the 'hands' go, I've watched surgeons who are ancient by God's standards become young men in the operating room. It's why they're still operating.

NYC has always had a bullseye on its back. I've often wondered about that. I think it's because of Wall Street and the financial district. But I'm more worried about living less than 100 miles NW of Detroit closer to mid-Michigan. It wasn't Wall Street that equipped the country in the last three major wars (I'm talking WWII, Viet Nam, Korea) and it won't be Wall Street again and when our enemies figure that out...

We have in our little corner of the world here, three major housing developments in the works. All farmland gone now, all 200 or more homes, all on two lane roads that are main arteries for our little town(s). It's depressing. When we moved here, they were just finishing paving the road we live on and while the traffic isn't horrendous, some of it is pretty overwhelming at times as far as the speeds. But it turns to dirt at the county line. If the neighboring county decides to pave their end of it, we're moving. Same goes for if they decide to build homes on the 500 acre farm across the street from us that's never been farmed since we moved here. We're moving. Not only do I not want the traffic and noise and people, they move out here to a rural area and then complain about the wildlife and way of life and everything else we moved here to get.

Still building up my stock...
Mike Keyton said…
All best wishes to Greg, and Odin and Nana— and of course you.I’m amused by your heatwave — not through any lack of sympathy for your discomfort, or indeed the fate of your Canterbury Bells. No, it’s more the hysterical reaction over here because temperatures have just reached 40 degrees. You’d think the Russians had invaded. The media are blaring on about global warming. I’m not denying climate change, I’m just saying it’s nothing new and man has little to do with it relative to other factors.

And yes, that PSA film would make me uneasy too. Weren’t there some pandemic hints before covid?.
We are treated like mushrooms, albeit well fed ones 😎
Maria Zannini said…
nightmusic: I do understand why vets prefer to let their people hold the pet. Often a pet won't try misbehaving if someone else is in control. Also some pet parents are way too lax, thinking their dog would never bite. What they don't understand is if that dog is scared or hurting, he'll lash out anyone who might hurt him more.

I understand it from all sides. You really have to have a relationship with your vet to reach the right conclusion.
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I heard about your heat wave. You realize we live with that all the time in Texas, right? LOL. I imagine it's worse in Africa or Death Valley. It's all about perspective.

I absolutely agree with you about climate change. I think the people doing the loudest shouting are probably not old enough to remember when weather was abnormal for this year or that.

My thinking is that the climate will change whether we hurry it along or not. It changed 10,000 years ago. We're about due for a reversal, which will likely take several centuries to accomplish.

nightsmusic said…
So? How did things go?

(And I love our vet in part, because she has three Dobermans so understands the breed so well and adores Murphy which makes things so much easier)
Maria Zannini said…

He ain't pretty, but if enough scar tissue forms it might be enough to eliminate the need for more invasive surgery. He'll have to leave those sutures in for at least a month, which means he'll need to wear the cone.

He's so uncomfortable. And so uncoordinated. I have to hand feed and water him because he can't navigate the cone over the food or water without spilling the bowls.

It's going to be a long month.
nightsmusic said…
Is the cone for scratching or chewing? This was my three-toed sloth after surgery:

We ended up with a no-chew muzzle for him because he's so long, he wedged his butt against the hearth and could swing that back leg around the cone and chew on it. This is the muzzle we got him which he can't eat with, but can still plant in the water bowl and drink with, though it drips water everywhere. It also serves to keep him out of the cat's food while we're gone!

They make a similar one for cats.

The cone was tearing up the house, he also couldn't get to the water or food with it so I was taking it off long enough to let him get something to eat or drink, and he drinks a lot of water, and then on it went again. He ran into the furniture, the walls, everything. A blow-up collar was useless...I get it. It's horrible. I could show you pictures of his foot as it healed, but I don't think you'd want to see that. His two toes where those stitches are had to fuse together and it took weeks. And what a mess.

Hang in there. It will get better.
Maria Zannini said…
nightmusic: Poor baby!

Odin hasn't been too crazy. I hand feed and water him so we don't have to take off the cone. I'm afraid if he realizes it can come off he won't let us put it back on.
Lynn said…
Sending some love for Odin. Hope it went well.

We're being inundated here with new developments; four zero lot line/cookie cutter communities are being built within a quarter mile of my house. The local traffic went from nothing to nightmarish. A lot of farmers and ranchers around us are selling their properties, so I expect in five years or so we'll be in the same situation that we moved to the country 17 years ago to escape.

I'm sending you a little package out today. No big deal; should get there by Sat.
Maria Zannini said…
Lynn: I love your letters and surprises!

re: housing
I'm sad too because we are now too old to move further into the boonies. We need to be closer to doctors and hospitals.

But if I could I'd escape again into the wilderness. I love the peace and quiet.