Seed Starting

I'm a veteran when it comes to gardening, and I've got the blisters to prove it.

This year I've decided to expand my knowledge base and take a Master Seed Starting course from Joe Lamp'l. 

I've watched Joe on PBS (Create TV) for years and always enjoyed his programs. But like all television shows you can only get so much. When I found out he had an immersive seed starting course, I took the plunge.

If I remember correctly, he opens these courses only a couple of times a year and right now he's offering it at a discount. 

The discount ends today. My apologies for not bringing this up earlier but I just now joined myself.

If you're interested here's the link

I'm excited to start this course. I've been using grow lights to get a head start on my gardening but my success has been hit or miss. I'm sure I'm not setting the lights at the right height but I don't know what the answer is.

One reason I decided to take this course is that he mentioned a couple of things I didn't know about lettuces. When someone can surprise me with fresh information it tells me he knows his stuff.

The course has lifetime access. I've only skimmed the surface so far and I'm very impressed.

Joe has other courses but seed starting has always been my Achilles' heel so that's where I'm starting. 

   I love this door mat! It cracked me up the moment I saw it.

In other news: 

I just started incubating eggs for hatching. My grow lights are over some overwintered peppers, but I'll be moving them soon over to my seedlings. 

I really should've started seeds a week ago, but I've been sideswiped by one drama and then another. 

The good news is that I'm finally digging out of all this mess and can start the year unburdened. The best news is that Odin's lump is really small now. I am beyond grateful it wasn't cancer.

I've never encountered an infected lymph node. Only Odin can manage to teach me something new that costs thousands of doggy dollars. 

His eyes are also better, but he'll never have his pretty puppy eyes again. He's lost all the fur around his eyes. But at least it's not causing him pain so it's a fair trade off.


Has anyone seen the green comet that's traipsing through our skies this year? They say it hasn't been seen since the Neanderthals and won't return for at least 50,000 years.

I try to look for it on clear nights. It does have a faint greenish glow. On February 1st it should be at its closest to Earth. I hope to see it again if the weather will cooperate.

There's more ahead. It's chilly and damp but we've gotten all the labor intensive work done. 

We have a little more leaf raking, the main garden to put to bed, and some tractor work, but we can tackle those jobs whenever the weather allows. 

2023 is off to the races!

What's on your list for this year? Are you traveling? Taking classes?



Unknown said…
Happy to hearOdin is doing well. You always are an inspiration with your gardening skills. Wish you well. Beth
Maria Zannini said…
Thanks, Beth!

The weird thing about Odin is that he never acted sick. I'd felt a small nodule a couple of months ago but nothing of consequence since it even happens to me once in a while.

But when it got huge all of a sudden we feared the worst. That lump scared the heck out of us.
Luba Meader said…
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Luba Meader said…
Good news on Odin's recovery. Thanks for sharing, Maria. I'm excited to turn on the link you shared. I haven't yet, but will tomorrow. I'm with you that at this point in our economy seeds are the way to go. I've already purchased some over plants, but I know me...I will also get plants. Lettuce is a little tricky I remember planting them years ago just half a row and they were the butter kind of lettuce, my favorite. I would definitely say a trip to Germany might be on offing this year, my sister and I have to coordinate our schedules. As usual, you inspire me with your knowledge of gardening. And that mat was hilarious!!! 😁😆😅
Mike Keyton said…
Good news about Odin. Happy for you, Maria. Nothing meaningful to say about seeds. But a warning. The Green Comet last seen by the Neanderthals. Coincidence> I think not. I'm thinking DAy of the Triffids here : )
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: Great. Now I have to worry about trifids.