Another Update

Alas, no picture again. I am posting like a cave person, bumming off a store's wifi.

We had a helluva storm come through. Debris everywhere but the worst was my satellite dish for internet. The sad dish was dangling off my roof.

No ETA on when my provider can fix it, so don't be surprised if I'm absent.

One other update--good news for a change.

After a very tense few hours we got Odin sedated enough to get his surgery done. He was feeling a little rough for a couple of days, but today he's back to his happy self despite the cone of shame.

Luckily we got home before the storm hit.

I'll take the broken dish any day if I can get a pain-free dog in exchange. 

I'll post again when internet returns.


Angela Brown said…
Thankful for the good news. May he continue to heal and be free of the cone of shame soon.

Other than the satellite, I hope little else was damaged in the storm so you and hubby can use this time to do something that sorta resembles relaxing.
Stacy McKitrick said…
Yay, for the good news. Glad that went well.
Boo, for the bad news. Hope you're back to normal soon!
Mike Keyton said…
Oh, I'm so glad, Maria. As you suggest, the satellite dish is a mere inconvenience in the scale of things.
Keep well. Read a good book.
Luba Meader said…
You know Maria, reading your good news regarding Odin, trumps any disaster.🤗I'm happy for you and Greg that Odin's surgery was a success. As for the storm, ⛈⚡it certainly was a strong one. To find your satellite dish dangling from the roof certainly must've been shocking. Some force, eh!!! Was it a sort of a mini Derecho, per chance? Be well, be safe.💖
Dru Ann said…
Glad to hear Odin's surgery was a success.

Take care and be safe.
nightsmusic said…
YAY for Odin! BOO for the internet! I'm late to the party, hubs got his right knee replaced Monday. He's still not sure the left one has healed. It's been a year. *sigh* Hope you're reconnected soon.
Maria Zannini said…
Angela, Stacey, Mike, Luba, Dru, Nightmusic

Thanks, all. I think this is the longest we've ever been disconnected from the Matrix. It was good for my soul, but now I have to get back to work.
Maria Zannini said…
Nightmusic: I sent you an email. I hope all is well.