Deshedding Tool for Pets


For over a year I've been battling Nana's skin condition. She was losing patches of fur in one spot but accumulating tough-to-pry out mats in other areas.

I brushed her regularly so her skin could heal properly but I had a hard time pulling the undercoat without hurting her.

Scrolling for something else on Amazon, I chanced upon this tool. It sounded good but I had serious doubts. It looked more dangerous than effective.

I bought it on a whim. If it turned out to be a dud I'd have to make the trip into town to return it, but at least I could cross one thing off my list that might help the old girl.

It was life changing! Not only did it slide through her undercoat, but she didn't squirm once--and this is a naturally a squirmy dog.

Nana has a medium coat length, Odin has a smooth coat, and Jammy, the cat has long hair. Each of them took to the deshedder without complaint. The cat actually liked it.

The best part is that the dethatched fur easily disengages from the tool. 

I promised my sister I'd let her know if this tool worked. All I can say is it works for my motley crew. She has a thick-coated samoyed. Having raised samoyeds myself, they're a handful when it comes to brushing. I think it'll work for her though. I was utterly shocked it worked so well on Nana.

Anyway, if you have a pet who hangs on to his undercoat, get this tool. It is remarkably well made and sturdy. Even Greg was surprised at the quality.

I don't often give unswerving recommendations, but this one works. I'm so glad I found it.

Note:  There are other deshedding tools out there. This one is not only heavier than the others I've found on Amazon, but it's a two-in-one deshedding and dematting tool. 


I'm back online, at least until the next wave of chores lures me away.

We've done some serious work of late setting these huge 4 x 6 rubber horse mats around the garden as my round the clock weed barrier. We moved 33 of these monsters, each of them 95 lbs. We still have some cutting to do to cover the small spaces in between irrigation, but the hard work is done. 

It was such heavy work we could only set a few a day. At least the tractor did some of the heavy lifting but we still had to carry each one into place since it could only get a few feet in before hitting something.

If you hear anyone moaning in pain, that'll be me.


Mike Keyton said…
I wish I had enough hair for a de-shedder