Maria's Best Buys

This is your Bargain Hunter calling. I don't know what it is about 2023 but everything seems to need replacing or servicing this year. I don't buy anything without researching it so I've made a list of products that have come under my eagle eye in recent months.

Home Security

We have changed and upgraded our home security. Security companies are everywhere. It took me months to find one with solid reviews yet didn't cost an arm and a leg. One thing the security company we chose suggested is for us to buy our own smoke detectors and they would hook them up for us.

The detectors we had came hardwired with the house. It was important to replace them with the same model--only they had retired our model. Sheesh!

With a little research I found the direct replacement and then I upgraded it to this one. These smoke detectors use both ionization and photoelectric sensors. The ionization sensor is supposed to be more responsive to an active fire.

Battery Jump Starter

  We have a new car. We also have an old car. In both instances we have drained the battery because one of us left a light on in the car or didn't shut the doors properly. It can happen to new or old cars. Always keep a battery jumper in the car, especially if you're on your own.

Portable Air Compressor

Another necessity if you depend on your car a lot. This one inflates other equipment aside from tires. I especially like the auto shut off and the speed at which it will inflate. We've had others that take forever. This one is a peach. Air isn't free anymore and it's hard to find an air pump at many gas stations. We've used this more times than I thought we would.



If you're a serious gardener like I am, may I implore you into investing in a proper grow light? I've tried close to a dozen of them. Some work better than others. You can get by with a cheapie shop light, but if you're going to start plants from seed invest in a proper full spectrum light. 

I started with the Mars Hydro grow light and it was actually too much for simple seed starting, though I still use them for indoor winter gardening for mature citrus trees, tomatoes and peppers. (or marijuana if that's where your interests lie.)

But for regular seed starting, nothing beats KingLED. My seedlings grew beautifully this year. Actually they were so successful, I had to get rid of the excess. I'll do a proper post on starting seedlings next February, but get a pair of these and you'll have more seedlings than you'll know what to do with.

Right now I have two of the Mars Hydro lights in my indoor atrium. My cold sensitive plants live there in the winter time.

These are all my personal recommendations. I am a pain in the keester to Greg because he buys the first thing that looks reasonable, while I go through a lot of trouble researching for the best product, so I can vouch for these.


And now, the day before Independence Day, me, hubby, and the dogs will do our best to stay cool. It's terribly hot in Texas right now.

I've been keeping frozen bottles of water in front of a fan for the quail as a makeshift air conditioner. Although both chickens and quail live in a shady area, quail are more sensitive to heat. If the temperatures continue to rise I'll bring them in the house. 

I'm grateful for all the shade trees on our property. You can really feel the difference if you're out in the sun. 

Here's to barbecue and cold lemonade. Happy Fourth of July to my American friends. Apologies to my British friends. I know we're a disappointment for having left you.

And an early happy birthday to my favorite fella!


Last month, we had one thing after another break or need service. Thankfully, we were able to deal with everything but sheesh.

Tomorrow, we will watch our favorite 4th of July movie - JAWS! :o

Sending birthday wishes and hopes for cooler weather! :)
Maria Zannini said…
Thanks, Madeline!

It never rains but it pours. Lately, the things that have given out never gave us a hint that they were about to go.

We just finished a doozy. The garage door spring just up and committed suicide. $700 later we're back in business, but OUCH!

re: Jaws!
We usually watch The Patriot or Yankee Doodle Dandy. Jaws is a little too bitey for me. It scared the bejeebers out of me the first time I saw it.
Mike Keyton said…
Apologies accepted 😎😂