Choose Your Lodging

On our recent trip to Arizona, we used three different types of lodging. Normally, we stay at roadside motels, but this time we upped the ante, and tried an air BnB and a cabin.

In between both, we also were invited to stay with family for a couple of days. 

Staying with family.

Cost:  It cost us the price of one meal out and a couple of admission tickets to local sights. 

Pro: More time with family. It was also less stressful, knowing we, and Nana, our stoic border collie were in safe surroundings.

Con: You could potentially be underfoot without meaning to. We tried to make ourselves useful when we could.

(To the left is a picture of my sister's kitchen floor. I was constantly lifting my feet because I thought I was about to step on a dog. LOL!)

BnB kitchen. Absolutely pristine.

Staying at a BnB.

Cost: Considerable. We chose a home that specifically welcomed pets even though it was a half hour drive from where the party was being hosted.

Pro: We got a house all to ourselves, it was immaculate, and very comfortable. 

Con: I worried constantly because we had family over who were a bit noisy (in a quiet neighborhood) and messy. I spent the evening cleaning up spills and crumbs. It's not my house, so I was extra careful to leave it as pristine as I found it.

Staying at a cabin.

This was fun. We stayed in a cabin-like home up on Mount Lemmon. 

Pro: It was the perfect size for 2 people and 1-2 pets. Very comfortable, efficient, and clean.

Con: Expensive, but it's in a touristy spot so that's to be expected. The only thing I didn't like was the attached kennel. It was tiny, which was acceptable, but they carried their "wilding" mindset too far. For that much money, I want a safe place for my dog, which does not include tall weeds where who knows what could be hiding.

Nana immediately made herself right at home.


Which was the best?

We enjoyed staying with my sister and her family the best. It's been so long since we'd seen each other it was fun to catch up in person. Greg finally had someone new to regale with his stories.

The only issue I had was Nana. She behaved herself, but I was always afraid she might snap at their dog, who is much more mellow than my high strung border collie. I always kept an eye on her.

For complete alone time, we loved the cabin in the mountain. The little cabin was cute as a button, and all we needed, and the view! It just doesn't get better than that.

Nana totally loved the mountain. It was cool and breezy, and she had us all to herself. Just the way she likes things. I've never seen her so relaxed.

The BnB, for all its perks was my least favorite. But that's only because of its location. I chose it because it was pet friendly and in my price range. It was a gorgeous home, and I commend the host for thinking of every detail. We were very comfortable there. It was just like living in my own home.

I had a couple of months to prepare so I researched available lodging diligently. The most important qualification I needed was that it be pet friendly. Everything else was negotiable. 

Surprise! Surprise! We chose wisely. All the choices for lodging far exceeded our expectations. Nothing makes a trip more enjoyable than knowing you have a safe and comfortable place to sleep and entertain.

What's been your experience with BnBs? I was new to BnBs and read there can be some bad ones out there. We lucked out with an excellent one.

Where do you like to stay when you travel?


Angela Brown said…
Glad you had a great time on your travels!

I tend to prefer alone time so I have used VRBO and hotels that are pet-friendly. I tried getting out of my comfort zone for a trip and rented a parked RV by the river. While I am glad I can mark that off of my bucket list, I now know the RV life is not for me.
Maria Zannini said…
Angela: That's funny that you should mention RVs. We've often thought of trying that, but I'm not sure I'd like it either.

Someday, maybe we'll try it.

I was so lost with VRBOs and BnBs. Too many acronyms for my little brain. I finally figured it out. It's been so long since we traveled I was totally out of the loop.
Dru Ann said…
I liked that you experience three types of lodging. For me, I prefer hotels as that is the only time I get to be pampered and not having to do everything myself.
Maria Zannini said…
Dru: Right you are. Hotels are fine for a couple of nights, but in my life, I've had to spend WEEKS at a hotel, which kind of soured me on long term stays.

Once was for training, but the other two times were when we were looking for a permanent residence.

After six weeks, I was so happy to have a kitchen all to myself and not eat out everyday.
Dru Ann said…
three to five days in a hotel gives me enough to appreciate what I have at home.
Maria Zannini said…
Dru: That is the truth!
Mike Keyton said…
I love country hotels with log fires. Not too keen on self catering because it’s usually me does the catering 😀. My second love is family (some) and friends, and finally I emphasise with your comment, and no doubt Bernadette shares your tolerance with ‘ Greg finally had someone new to regale with his stories.’ 😂
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I don't mind the cooking. On vacation I never do anything elaborate anyway.

re: stories
It's a symptom of long life. You acquire a lot of history in life and usually you only have one other person to regale unless there's company.
Luba said…
It sounds like you and Greg may try a B 'n B again. I usually stay in with Friends, but I much prefer a B 'n B over a Hotel. Although sometimes getting a good B 'n B can be difficult, location wise!!! The photos and Nana look terrific. Thanks for sharing your experience...💖
Maria Zannini said…
Luba: I much prefer friends and family, but I always worry that I might disrupt their schedule too much. I really try to be helpful or at least not in the way.

That's why short stays are always the best. :)
Luba said…
I agree, Maria!!! 💖🌹