It never fails to amaze me how many extras of the same tool Greg keeps in his shop. To be fair, I'm the same way about scissors, pens, and notepads. I don't want to go to any room and not have those things nearby.

The only difference between me and Greg is that I can usually find the tool I'm looking for. He faithfully has to hunt for a particular wrench for at least an hour before he can begin work. And this from a guy who has multiples of each kind of wrench--adjustable, air powered, metric, and SAE (standard).

There are logical reasons to have more than one of the same tool. For instance, we keep a pair of Channel Lock pliers (adjustable wrench) in every vehicle including the golf cart and the utility vehicle. There's also one in my personal tool bag and my mini workshop next to the garage.

You know as well as I do whatever tool you're looking for is usually in the last place you used it, so why not keep two (or more)?

But maybe not everyone thinks this way. We're DIY kind of people, but tools aren't the only things to duplicate. If you're a cook, you have more than one pair of tongs. If you craft, you have more than one pair of scissors. 

If I lived in a tiny house, I could probably do with a lot less. When you live on six acres you really don't want to traipse back and forth looking for this tool or that.

How is it at your house? Do you keep multiples of the same kind of tool?


Off topic, but if you haven't seen it already, I want to recommend A Million Miles Away. If you like real life stories about space, this is the movie for you. It stars Michael Peña. It's the true life story of a Mexican migrant worker who becomes an astronaut.

It was so inspiring. It's currently on Amazon, free for Prime members.


Angela Brown said…
I didn't apply logic to having multiples, especially with tools, cooking utensils, or linens. There are a few things where, upon introspection, I realized I had multiples because of coming from a place of scarcity. I've worked through much of that, which, as it turns out, can position you to be a blessing to someone else.

And thank you for the movie rec. I will have to check it out. 😁
Maria Zannini said…
Angela: The movie is a story of perseverance. Well worth watching, particularly towards the end when you realize where his mission fell in the rotation. It gave me chills.
Luba said…
I do on some things... Like I have multiple scissors, tape measures, needles, notebooks are some things I can think off. Then I have a passion for scrapbooking and I have many multiple things, too many. LoL I have a lot of tennis balls, and greeting cards, too. Among others. The more I confess I have, the more embarrassed I feel, LoL...🤭😉😊😲

I saw the trailer of that movie some weeks back sc ndI really liked it. I'm going to make a point of watching it! Thank you for mentioning it. Have a good evening, Maria.
Maria Zannini said…
Luba: Now I'm wondering why you have multiple tennis balls. LOL!

I saw the ad for the movie and was planning on watching it, then my brother told us what a good movie it was so we moved it to the top of the watch list.
Luba said…
LoL I play tennis. I have 3 racquets. 😝😆 My nephew was a tennis pro in Germany. He's a trainer now! My sister told me she loved watching me play tennis and signed up her son to play. Tino went much farther than I ever hoped. I played him once and got soundly thrashed...😉😂🤷‍♀️ (But he did compliment me on my Serve and my One-handed backhand).

I've put the movie on top of my list for weekend watching. Thank you for recommending it. I love such stories!!! 💖💖💖