Frugal Christmas Gifts

I still remember the day it dawned on me that Christmas shopping doesn't have to be expensive. I was at an estate sale and found a new, in the box, i-photo frame. (the kind you can download photos and have them rotate.) My mother loved it.

Another time, I found the perfect gift at an antique store. It was a concrete schnauzer. I never could've found something so unique at a regular store.

And finally, I'd been waiting for Amazon to have a sale on a battery powered rotary scrubber (with an extension). $40 seemed too much for something I'd only use to scrub the shower. I found one with all the accessories for $3 at a garage sale.

As long as the item is in good condition, there's no reason not to look for gifts in unusual venues. 

The only downside to estate sales, charity shops, and antique stores is that there's no way to predict what you'll find. If you're looking for something specific, you'll have to depend on regular retail shopping. 

Frugal, but essential gifts

     This jar opener looks plain Jane, but it's something we use almost daily. Go the extra mile and install it for the recipient.  This jar opener is so simple, but indispensable. If you know someone who has trouble opening jars, they will love this. We installed ours underneath an upper cabinet with easy access.

     If you're like me, you have to hang onto at least a hundred passwords. Why not buy the person who has everything, a password book? Useful and essential.

      For the Gardener. I can't tell you how many times I struggled to protect my plants from caterpillars and worms. Wrapping netting is a joke, and totally not funny when taking it off. Then I found this. It changed my life. And has given me back my vegetables.

If you have trouble keeping your plants away from carnivorous thugs, I highly recommend this tent. Easy to put and easy to move. I did it all by myself and I'm a backwards idiot when it comes to putting these things together. 

     Flashlight gloves. Yes, I thought they were silly too, but if you know someone who likes to tinker with mechanical things, they're amazingly handy.

   A portable and inconspicuous cushion for those of us with nerve damage in the back. I like this much better than the clunkier cushions I've used in the past. It's also good for people who are at their desks all day.


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Mike Keyton said…
Boo on you, introducing me to stuff I never thought I'd wanted before
Hi Maria,

Good choices! Will that garden tunnel keep squirrels out? If so, I've gotta try it!
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: My work is done.

Actually, that happened to me the other day. I was at the feed store (for chicken feed) and the lady behind the counter was wearing some sort of gizmo that wrapped around her back and over her forearms. The device sent heat to her back yet she could still function around the store. I thought it was a great idea.
Maria Zannini said…
Hi Marlene!

I can't say for certain it will keep them out but mine fits snuggly to the box. I also staked it to the ground so it can't move. I'm pretty sure it'll keep critters out.

I absolutely love mine. I plan on getting one more that's even taller for my extra tall plants.