Affiliate Disclosure

Open-Faced Sandwich Time

From time to time I'll mention products, events, or deals that I've either used or would like to use. If I try them, I'll tell you with no varnish or fluff. It's my honest opinion on actual results.

Some companies compensate those who talk about their products and offer incentives. If you click on an affiliate's link you support my site. It's a nice way of saying you like what I write and want me to keep doing that. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Note: You don't pay me. They pay me. It's a tiny amount but one that can build up if enough people buy from any of my links.

That revenue covers my expenses maintaining this site and the long hours I put into creating content and graphics.

I stand by what I recommend. That part will never change. You might see affiliate links and third party vendors, but my opinions and content are my own.

Thank you for supporting me. If I write something that helps you in any way, clicking on an affiliate link is the best way to repay me--that and the occasional, Hi, Maria!